Are you preparing yourself to get pregnant? Or have you already been trying for a while, and would like to know what to do to get pregnant faster? Read on!

This website will guide you through all you need to know to maximize your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE is the website I wish I had had when I was just starting out on my own journey towards pregnancy. It guides you through all the basic physical facts about conception (many of which I had no idea when I first started trying to conceive), and gives you tips and advice on how to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant as quickly as possible.

The site is focusing exclusively on the process of trying to conceive. When you get that wonderful positive pregnancy test, good-bye to you and best of luck on your journey! Here, you will not find information about month-for-month fetal development, birth methods or baby names. There are plenty of great websites out there catering to pregnant women. Our aim is to get you to the point where you need them.

This website only covers natural methods and ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. While I think medically assisted reproduction is a wonderful way to help couples who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have children, I have no personal experience with such methods and therefore I wouldn’t venture to give information or advice about them.

If you know or suspect that you or your partner has medical fertility issues, or if you have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for more than a year, I strongly recommend that you make an appointment with your doctor today in order to get the professional help you need.


I’m the mother of one, and a self-taught expert on trying to conceive.

I started to try to get pregnant when I was 32, with what now seems like incredible optimism and naiveté. Of course, I had heard about medically assisted reproduction and adoption, but I had never really given any thought to what might happen before people sought medical assistance. I just quit contraception and assumed I would be pregnant within the next month or two.

When nothing had happened after four months, I started to worry. Why wasn’t anything happening? Could something be wrong? I googled “get pregnant” and found my way to a forum for women trying to conceive. There, a new world opened itself to me.

I found out that most women don’t actually get pregnant in a snap. I discovered the existence of ovulation tests (and subsequently spent a fortune buying them). I learnt that there are very good reasons why my cervical mucus looks different from one day to another.

I finally got my positive pregnancy tests after eleven months, closely escaping the label “infertile” (the technical definition of infertility is to have tried unsuccessfully for more than a year).

While getting pregnant had turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected, being pregnant was awesome. I had a super-easy pregnancy and loved every second of it, and giving birth was by very far the most amazing experience of my life. I concluded that I was made for childbearing after all, and longed to start the whole thing over again.

When our baby was a year old we started trying for a little brother or sister. Having a lot more knowledge now, I hoped and expected to get pregnant faster the second time. Little did I know about the journey that lay ahead.

After four years of hope and tears, humiliating medical exams, meditation and acupuncture, countless ovulation and pregnancy tests, vitamins and diet changes, every herbal remedy on the planet and only an early miscarriage to show for it all, we decided enough was enough and came to terms with the fact that we will stay the parents of a single child (for no known reason, in case you wondered).

During these years I spent thousands of hours on the Internet, learning everything I could about every aspect of the fascinating process of conception – and the possible reasons why it doesn’t happen. I found lots of helpful resources, but it took an incredible amount of time to research all the information I wanted. My ambition for is make your learning process faster and easier than mine was.

Best of luck to you!


If you find erroneous information on this website, or if you would like me to write about a topic you think is missing, please use the contact form below to let me know.

Please note that I’m not a medical professional, and that I can’t give individual fertility advice. Unfortunately, I can’t reply to inquiries regarding personal fertility questions or concerns.